=== Update: The registration is now closed, email us directly if you are interested! ===

=== Update: Open pre-event at DGLab on Thu 9/1 at 7pm –> register here ===


Passionate about AI and machine learning? Coding for fun in your spare time? Building your own sentient machine is the secret purpose of your life?

Same here. How about we all meet to chat and hack?

On Saturday, September 3, 2016, there is this one-day hackathon we are organizing in Odaiba, to hack conscious machines with the latest tricks out there.

Come join us and share your passion and skills with others, exchange knowledge and accomplish great things!

What’s the plan?

Just bring your own laptop (BYOL) and have fun with us coding all day in a relaxed environment! There will be servers available to run your tasks.

Meet other hackers and exchange about latest machine learning techniques! Any questions about recent algorithms? Bring them with you, and let’s all chat about them!

Solve tasks (all levels from Noob to Epic) to win prizes! Of course it’s nice to hack stuff together, but we’ll be also giving away nice little treats to reward most impressive accomplishments of the day!

What kind of machine learning?

How long will it take until machines become aware? What’s required in terms of algorithmics and information processes? Can we craft a conscious AI from the pieces we already have?

The idea is to hack towards higher levels of intelligence with machines. We are therefore interested in all kinds of machine learning tasks that will bring AI to the next stage of intelligence within future human societies.

Here is a non-exclusive list of a few machine learning challenges we’ll be proposing:

  • Attention-Based Deep Convolutional Learning on pictures and videos
  • Art Style Transfer to implement Text Generation
  • Music Generation by Generative Adversarial Network
  • And more…

Also feel free to come with your own ideas! We are very open to any suggestions from all of you. You’ll be an integral part of this meeting.

This is awesome. How do I join you guys?

Interested? Simply register here! (The places are limited, so make sure to register ASAP.)

Any questions? Email any question you have to hackathon@araya.org.